Quality Policy

Miniature Custom Manufacturing is committed to continually improving the effectiveness of the Quality Management System and manufacturing process requirements through the use of automation and technology, while providing on time delivery at the lowest cost and greatest quality with extraordinary customer satisfaction.

Quality and Certifications

Miniature Custom Manufacturing is ISO/TS 16949:2016 and 2000 Food Safety Certified. Through our use of automation and statistical process controls, MCM’s quality is achieved.  It is our philosophy to address problems at the initial manufacturing stage as opposed to the final inspection.  One of the ways we do inspections is through our molding machine parameters. Once the tooling is proven and approved, an injection molding process is established. Process alarms are then set for cushion, cycle time, fill time and injection pressures. These tolerances are set as tight as possible. In the event of an alarm, automated conveyors reject and segregate the questionable parts. In addition to the machine parameters, we also have our quality personnel pull and inspect the parts per the quality standards of each of the components. At a minimum we check parts twice per shift as well as at start up and shut down.  We then record and log all data collected from each individual component.