Markets We Serve

MCM happily provides to the following markets:

  • Automotive 
  • Food Grade
  • Packaging and Display
  • Consumer Industrial Products
  • Medical


Our Mission

“Through our commitment to people, process and technology we will lead the way in providing value to our customers by producing the highest quality plastic components.”

Capabilities And Experience

Miniature Custom Manufacturing is a highly automated injection molding company that specializes in medium to high volume (10,000 pcs. to millions per year) injection molded parts. We use all Arburg machinery and have traditional, vertical and two shot molding machines that range in size from 28 tons to 500 tons.  We also do insert molding, over molding, automated and hand assembly.   We mold most typical injection resins, high heat resins, as well as many different types of exotic materials. We also specialize in running Santoprene and bio-based resins.

We employ various automation techniques that add speed and repeatability to our processes through the use of Fanuc 6-Axis Robots and Sprue Pickers.  In the past we have taken jobs that require an operator, and through the use of the 6-Axis Robots with end-of-arm tooling, it has turned these jobs into a fully automatic process. One of our core strengths is high volume shoot and ship components. 


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Case Study

MCM has had multiple success stories with various customers throughout the years. Below are a few examples of when a customer came to MCM with a quality issue that we were able to resolve through tooling and automation.

Case Study Locking Bumper Lever

Our customer was having this produced in China from a 16 cavity tool that had many issues.  From the looks of it, the tool had slide by issues which caused flash.  In addition, they were purchasing millions of these parts per year and were receiving shorts and other damaged product as well.  Our customer was getting rejected by the end user and causing a general nuisance for all involved. lockingbumper_sm

Our customer came to MCM for help.  We again proposed a more manageable 8 cavity tool which was similar in cost to the original 16 cavity that was purchased in China.  Also, our part cost matched that of the China supplier.  We were again able to dial in the tool and our process to run fully automatic with a balanced runner system to the point that our machine settings could detect a short shot.  To date we have run 30 million parts without a single customer reject or complaint.  Furthermore due to our tooling construction we have had no issues with our slide by steel.